Tuesday, 14 August 2012

1000 Shards

I think Kari is dead.

So we were combing the woods for Bleakley's home

Yes, we're doing it.

First off, he has Peter. And I don't give a fuck about the rest, I'm getting Peter back.

Second, if he's written a book like The Walking Willow again, a book with as much information in it as that did, or more, and is trying to send it to a major publisher, it's dangerous. The main good thing about the Slender Man is he's still something most people don't know or care about. It stops the spread, if you believe Kari's theory.

Third...I kinda want to hurt him.

But that doesn't mean this isn't an awful situation. I've never killed anyone before. Not even a proxy.

But anyway

We were looking for Bleakley's home. We'd covered most of the houses on streets that came off of Townley street, and were making good headway into the ones off of Victoria Road.

We're walking down another long road lined with houses. I'm in front, Kari's behind me. I hear a sharp intake of breath coming from her. I turn around to see what's wrong and she's not there. Instead, about fifty metres away

head-splitting pain

I was wondering where he was.

Give it a few days and her body'll show up somewhere.

I'm all on my own. Doesn't matter. Either Bleakley'll die or I will. I can do what I can to make it be that first one.

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