Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Minus Times

Well fuck.

First off, there's no Buggy. He doesn't exist. Kari made him up to get us here. She's not looking for someone to keep up safe - she's leading us right into the lion's den.

She's looking for a man called Harold R. Bleakley.

That might be an alias. Even if it's not, he'll almost certainly be under an alias right now. But this is no ordinary runner. Kari has a book he wrote about a decade and a half ago. It's...something else. The Faceless Angels were nothing. If the stuff in this book is true, this Slender Man thing is old. Really old.

"Not just older, but Old, like a hand reaching out from antiquity to claw at the throats of the living" in the words of Bleakly himself.

Of course, there's a catch. We found out why the locals were so cold to us. It turns out that there have been bear attacks around here as of late. A lot of bear attacks. And no sightings of any bears. Things came to a head when a camera crew doing a documentary on these oddly uncharacteristic bear attacks had

Well, they had very bad things happen to them. It took them months to get all the bodies down. And so this attracted Kari's attention until, having done some research, she tracked down a "reclusive author of non-fiction books on the supernatural" mentioned in a local high school's newspaper. She's convinced it's him, and she was sneaking out to try and find him. And now she's lead us into another fucking town He's all over.

Jesus shitting christ she has screwed us over.

But does it really matter where we are?

"It is a mistake to assume that he functions on a physical plane, or that his ability to strike has physical limitations. The isolation is not physical, not always, but rather, existential. Once He has laid His gaze upon you, you are alone. No-one can help you, no-one can save you. All efforts to do anything other than submit are in vain. Surround yourself with police. Lock yourself in the most secure place possible. It will do you no good. The world may as well be empty, save for you and Him.
You are alone. The only thing that matters is you and Him and the ache."



  2. I'm not sure if you're plugging or something but I guess you typed it out wrong. It's not coming up.

  3. Huh. I had a gut feeling that something bad was going to happen on your end, but I didn't know it'd be Kari blindsighting you.

    Also, I don't think the anon is plugging. It goes to a blog written by a guy calling himself "The Philosopher" and from what I can tell, he seems to match your description of this Bleakley character. The part that tipped me off was him mentioning a girl being locked up by a girl and a boy without an arm. Sound familiar?

    - Art

  4. Bleakley's blogging? Christ, runners really can't tear themselves away from a mass audience...

    You say he mentioned us - what was the tone like? How did he spot us? Is he aggressive towards us? Scared? How has he stayed safe all these years?

    What does he know that we don't?

  5. Well, he seemed paranoid. The first time he mentioned your group, I got the impression that he was a bit anxious that Kari was trying to find him. A lot of it seems observational, though, almost like this is the first thing that's happened to him in years.

    He didn't mention any specific details as to how he spotted you or how he knew that Kari was looking for him, though I imagine that if you're in a small town a group of people like yourselves would catch his eye. You said it yourself - runners are recognizable.

    He doesn't seem aggressive, though he did blame you all for bringing "something dark" to the town... And I think you know what that means. He's confessed to being scared for his life. As for how he's stayed safe, he mentioned some sort of sanctuary in the forest. Maybe a cave or a shack.

    As to what he knows, well... I can't say for sure that he knows a lot about Farstrider, but he has a theory:

    "I believe that between the truth of the Akashic records and the reality of the world behind us, growing like some deep black rot, is the Slender Man. A corruption of the world around him, who twists and warps reality and uses truth as a weapon, and who shatters everything we rationally know, the cracks spreading out like great tendrills."

    There was more to his most recent post, but that's the gist of it. So, according to him, Farstrider is something like a... cancer on reality, or an infection. Iunno, make of it what you will. It's all theoretical, so the only answers you'll get from him are philosophical guesses.

    Also... I overlooked something before. He mentioned "one of His watchers" has been hanging around. Tall, ragged, probably masked and almost certainly armed. The Philosopher hasn't said whether he's been making appearances around your place. I wouldn't take any chances.

    I think it's time to get the Hell out of there, Peter.

    - Art