Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Over Root And Thorn

Last night, we caught Kari trying to sneak out of the hotel at three in the morning. She tried to climb out of the window to avoid tripping any of the primitive alarms we have set up.

She won't tell us why. Natalie's pretty torn up. But she's screwing us one way or the other. We're refusing to let her out of the hotel room. We've got a system - one of us stays with her and a day's worth of her medication. The other goes out for the day. Rinse, repeat. Eventually we'll need to move on and I have no idea what we'll do then, but she won't tell us anything about where Buggy is. She just told us one word. She said something about "bleakly". She wouldn't say anything else. God knows what's going on here. More as it develops.

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