Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Peter's Gone

Peter's vanished. His bag is gone, his knife and gun are gone. Other than that, not a word. It happened about two hours after the last post, where he agreed we'd go on the run again.

He left without me.

I feel horrible. Horrible because I pushed him away. Horrible because I quietly hated him for having that...reminder of what happened in Avondale. Horrible because I had it amputated as much for his own health as because I didn't want to look at it anymore. Horrible because I barely spoke to him since then, not a real conversation or anything. Horrible because of no matter how else I feel about him, his wound always gave me nausea. I'm a horrible, horrible, shitty, shitty person. And I drove away the guy I still love.

I feel sick. Kari's trying to look after me, but I know she's only half there and half on her quest to find this writer guy for...some reason. It's probably to do with what happened to Simon.


I haven't thought about Simon in a long long time. He was kinda slow on the uptake surrounding the whole Slender Man thing, and even when he was running, he only stayed within a few miles of his home. But he was a good guy. Losing him drove Kari off the deep end. Well, that and the months of what can only be described as slenderdisapperance. And the stalking before that. And the months of stalking after that. Okay, she hasn't had a fun time in general. And she's still her old self, really. She's still smart and caring, she's still a sweetheart. She's been hardened by her experiences, but she's still there when it matters.

We spent a few hours talking about Eastbourne. It's been over a year since we were home. There wasn't a dry eye going.

That's all for now guys.

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